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Tool Kit | 80m XHD Tower

This tool kit is specifically designed for use with NRG 80m XHD and Super 60m XHD TallTowers™.

  • Tool Kit | 80m XHD Tower

Configuration Options

A few simple tools are needed to properly install and tension the guy wires of our two heaviest towers: the 80m XHD TallTower™ and Super 60m XHD TallTower™. Make sure you are familiar with how these tools are used when commissioning and decommissioning your TallTowers to avoid delays and maximize safety.

  • Chicago Grip (3)
  • Come-Along (3)
  • Tension Gauge (1)
  • Nylon Sling (2)
  • Shackle - 3/4" - Screw Pin - 7/8" (3)

Please call us at +1 802-482-2255 for specifications.