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Mission + Values

Mission + Values

At NRG, how we work is as important to us as what we do.

Our values work together synergistically: they form the foundation of our business, guide our decisions, and energize our business practices and relationships. Through these values, we uphold our commitment to a triple bottom line focusing on our people, profits, and planet.


Our planet powered by sustainable resources.


Shape our future with smart technologies for global resource sustainability and climate challenges.

Core Values

Environmental Stewardship/Leadership
Our business expresses a commitment of over 30 years to a safe, healthy, renewable energy future for our children and for the planet. We have built our facilities to incorporate state-of-the-art energy conservation, and we work to minimize and continually reduce our environmental impacts from manufacturing, transportation, and other business activities.

Fair Employment
Our employees are an integral part of our business. We strive to provide fair compensation and set clear expectations. We expect employees to co-create, with the company, the learning opportunities they need to actively contribute to the success of the business, and we are committed to sharing the benefits of our success with all our employees.

We carefully manage our business to maintain the profitability to make it sustainable. We recognize that investments needed to maintain a superior workforce, support strong relationships with our customers and business partners, develop and adopt environmentally healthy processes, and incorporate cutting edge technology require a base of economic stability and well-being. Such investments, in turn, enhance our overall competitiveness over time.

We are scrupulous in holding all of our business practices and transactions to the highest ethical standards. Our employees, customers, and partners can expect honesty in all of their dealings with us.

NRG was founded on its ability to provide new solutions to emerging needs in the wind industry. The spirit of creative invention permeates our business and manufacturing processes. With ISO and continuous improvement principles guiding us, these are revised and improved as the contexts we operate in change.

We have persevered for over 30 years in our passion to excel in measuring the wind. We take a long view of our relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, and other partners and do what it takes to create satisfaction, and we follow through on our commitments.