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White Papers

A Comparison of Remote Sensing Device Performance at Rotsea

Published on February 8, 2011

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Remote sensing devices have the potential to provide reliable wind data at numerous heights and locations to an extent which would be prohibitively expensive using conventional tubular or lattice meteorological masts.

There is, however, some uncertainty as to how well data captured by remote sensing devices correlate with fixed mast instrumentation. Therefore, it is important to first understand and quantify the accuracy, uncertainty and limitations associated with these devices.

In June 2010, RES had the opportunity to locate both a Lidar and Sodar remote sensing device at its Rotsea site. This opportunity provided a four week window where data were simultaneously
available from each of the M345 - fixed mast, the M808 - Triton (Sodar device by SecondWind) and the M809 - WINDCUBE (Lidar device by LEOSPHERE).

This report sets out what data were available, how these data were used and to what extent the devices were in agreement with the fixed mast and with each other.


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