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How do I mount a satellite antenna?

An antenna mounting boom is included with each satellite iPack. However, the satellite antenna easily mounts to any boom with a terminal end of 3/4" IPT. The threaded 3/4" IPT socket of the antenna will screw onto the end of the boom.

Installation considerations include:

  • The antenna MUST have a clear view to the satellite at ALL TIMES.
  • Any obstructions can cause an interruption between the communications of the iPack and the satellite and could cause the data call to be terminated before complete.
  • The antenna must be upright/facing the sky to ensure maximum exposure.
  • The antenna must be located so that it has a good view of the sky, ideally horizon-to-horizon coverage.
  • The antenna should be mounted so that it is away from structures by a distance of at least 0.5 meters.

The NRG mounting boom meets this requirement.

The satellites fly in a South-to-North orbit; the antenna must be mounted such that no obstructions occur in this plane. We suggest orienting the antenna South in the northern hemisphere, and North in the southern hemisphere.

An antenna test should be performed on the satellite iPack once it is attached to the logger. Go to iPack Utilities from the SymphoniePLUS logger main menu to perform this function. Signal strength is reported from 0% to 100% and may fluctuate depending on site conditions. If a value other than 0% is returned, the user can try to establish a call. A value of 0% indicates that no direct connection has been established between the antenna and the satellite. Try mounting the antenna in a different location.


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