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Custom Lidar Power System Service

Power your Lidar reliably in off-grid locations with a custom power solution from NRG.

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Please contact to learn more about this service.

For over 10 years, NRG has worked hard to offer our users a range of powering options to keep their systems running at 100% uptime – regardless of the location or duration of their measurement campaigns. NRG's Moderate Climate PV Trailers are reliable, solar photovoltaic-based power supplies suitable for many locations in the continental US for both Spidar, ZX300, and Windcube Vertical Profilers. We also offer custom Lidar power solutions for installations in other regions and for remote scanning Lidar deployments.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for off-grid remote sensor operation. The optimal solution for your site depends on your local climate, desired autonomy, and the planned frequency of device relocation. NRG is committed to flexibility because we know your plans, development locations, and operating portfolios change over time. If our standard solutions do not fit your needs, we can build a power system specifically to meet the demands of your current project. Short, medium, and long-term rentals of custom power solutions are also available, as well as training, installation, and maintenance services.

Our approach allows you to focus on what matters to you – developing and operating wind farms – and not on the nuances of delivering power to a remote location with infrequent visits and low cost.

Please contact us at to discuss how we can make your next off-grid Lidar measurement campaign a total success.