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Lidars for Offshore Applications

Published on April 16, 2012

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Lidar technology has proven performance in onshore applications and now a growing track record for offshore wind measurement. The rapid increase of offshore wind farm projects has given rise to the need for accurate, easy to use equipment to measure the wind on locations several kilometers from the coast. If installed offshore, the traditional mast equipped with anemometers requires a large and heavy platform to sustain the weight and the size of the structure. Lidar technology allows for the development of innovative and cheaper solutions, while achieving similar measurement accuracy to cup anemometers. In terms of logistics, installations of met towers offshore are dependant of the availability of large vessels, involve several days of work by highly trained engineers and specific calm sea conditions. Meanwhile, the installation of a Lidar on any type of structure takes less than a day. Taking into account all these considerations, the use of Lidars allows for the saving of thousands of dollars in construction costs,
installation and maintenance.

This poster focuses on the different types of Lidars available to realize such measurements during the different phases of any offshore project, from site assessment to power curve measurements.