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EKO STR-21G Sun Tracker

EKO’s compact STR-21G is a single-arm sun tracker designed to support a full suite of global, diffuse, and direct radiation measurement sensors.

  • EKO STR-21G Sun Tracker

Configuration Options

The EKO STR-21G Sun Tracker is an active, two-axis tracking system ideal for solar resource monitoring projects requiring accurate measurement data specifically related to Direct Normal Irradiance, Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance, and Global Horizontal Irradiance. The compact, single-arm sun tracker integrates seamlessly with NRG’s complete solar solutions, including power supply and mounting accessories, to further streamline measurement campaigns.

The STR-21G Sun Tracker features an EKO MS-57 pyrheliometer, shading disk arm, and mounting platform for up to two pyranometers. Its modular design allows for a simple, standardized installation process for increased efficiency and repeatability, site after site.

*Please note that pyranometers are sold separately

  • Automatic initialization and sun tracking for optimal ease-of-use and accuracy
  • Modular design allows for the collection of precise solar measurement data that can be customized depending on a project’s needs
  • Remote communication with tracker includes ability to adjust positioning or synchronizing with PC or data logger

Please call us at +1 802-482-2255 for specifications.