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BP60 Barometric Pressure Sensor

This next-generation barometric pressure sensor offers significantly improved accuracy over its predecessor, the NRG BP20.

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The BP60 is currently in beta. Please contact if you are interested in trialing this sensor.

The NRG BP60 Temperature Sensor introduces a new sensing element, dramatically improving the accuracy of barometric pressure measurements compared to the legacy BP20 sensor. The most significant enhancement is the introduction of native temperature-compensation, discussed in greater detail on the NRG blog.

The BP60 is well-suited for the barometric pressure measurement requirements of remote wind and solar energy studies, particularly as an input to air density and annual energy production calculations.

Each BP60 unit undergoes a single-point check to confirm performance within the sensor’s specifications, the results of which are available in a factory verification certificate at no additional cost. A three-point calibration is also available.

*Please note: BP60C is the calibrated version of this sensor.

  • Improved sensor accuracy thanks to a new sensing element means lower measurement uncertainty

Please call us at +1 802-482-2255 for specifications.

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