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Spidar Vertical Profiler

Spidar uses Pulsed Direct Detect Lidar technology to deliver precise, bankable wind measurement data at a significantly lower cost than Doppler Lidar.

  Cellular (#14076)
Instrument type Vertical Profiling Direct Detect Lidar (DDL)
  • Wind Prospecting
  • Vertical Uncertainty Reduction (Wind Shear Validation)
  • Horizontal Uncertainty Reduction
  • Ramp Event Forecasting
  • Freestream Operational Reference Measurements
System Verification  
Classification DNV GL Stage 2 Lidar up to 100m, capable of adding value to wind farm developments with project finance requirements.
  • All units factory verified against IEC calibrated reference Lidar.
  • IEC calibration available upon request.
Verified Wind Measurement Performance  
Applicable Wind Speed Range Average results up to 100m range gate from 10 Lidar performance verification tests performed by independent third parties.
WS Forced Fit Slope 1.004
WS Correlation R² .984
WS Deviation (±m/s) 0.02 @ 10 m/s
WS Deviation (%) 0.23%
System Geometry  
Full Cone Angle 10°
Measurement Height Range 20-200m
Number of Range Gates 10
Range Gate Heights Configurable
Hardware Specifications  
Warranty 2 years
Maximum Site Slope 20°
Dimensions Typical installed footprint: 1,092mm x 1,259mm x 1,425mm (43.0" x 49.6" x 56.1")
Weight Shipping Crate:
  • 136kg (300lbs)
  • 1,118mm x 889mm x 1,041mm (44" x 35" x 41")
Electrical Specifications  
Power Consumption
  • > 0°C: 35W
  • < 0°C: 50 to 100W
Supply Voltage 23-32 VDC
Data Specifications  
Data Sampling Rate 14 Hz
Averaging Interval Configurable
Storage File Format ASCII
Storage Capacity ~3 years
Data Output Options
  • .csv files delivered via email at configurable interval
  • Continuous delivery to SCADA networks via Modbus
Environmental Specifications  
Operating Temp Range -40° to 50°C
Operating RH Range 0 to 100%
Ingress Protection IP65
Eye Safety Classification IEC Laser Class 1M

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