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Windcube® Vertical Profiler

Measure wind speed at heights up to 200 meters and perform lower boundary layer sensing with the exceptionally portable Windcube Vertical Profiler.

  • Windcube® Vertical Profiler

WINDCUBE Vertical Profiler


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The Windcube Vertical Profiler is a remote sensing wind measurement device that uses pulsed Doppler Lidar technology to provide high quality data on par with an industry standard met tower.

Introduced to the market by Leosphere, the Windcube Vertical Profiler has quickly become recognized as the market standard for superior performance for both wind resource assessment and wind farm performance monitoring. Lenders have readily adopted data provided by the Windcube Vertical Profiler and consider this device to be “best-in-class.” The Windcube Vertical Profiler is categorized as being in Stage 3 of DNV GL’s rigorous standards related to remote sensor acceptance for formal energy assessment purposes, and is suitable for use in contractual power performance testing under the guidelines of IEC 61400-12-1 [ed. 2].

More than 500 Windcube Vertical Profilers are now in operation globally.

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40 to 200 meters
Data Sampling Rate 1 Hz
Measuring Distances 12 user-defined distances, measured simultaneously
Horizontal Wind Speed Accuracy 0.1 m/s
Horizontal Wind Speed Uncertainty 2-3% (following IEC 61400-12-1:2017)
Speed Range 0 to +60 m/s
Direction Accuracy
Beam Geometry

4 inclined beams at 28° + 1 vertical beam

WINDCUBE Services 

NRG offers several Windcube Services to help you get the most out of your Vertical Profiler:

    NRG has worked hard to offer our Windcube Vertical Profiler customers a range of powering options to keep their Windcube Lidars running at 100% uptime. Options include turnkey solutions suited for a range of climates and environments as well as custom systems specially tailored to suit your project's unique needs.

    Various rental and purchase options are available on a monthly basis for customers with a short-term measurement need. NRG rental units come pre-validated against a factory reference Lidar to ensure a traceable record of accuracy, and can be bundled with commissioning and decommissioning services from NRG to complete a truly turnkey approach to wind resource measurement.

    Extended one- and two-year warranties are available for Windcube Vertical Profilers. Warranty Statement

Please visit our Windcube Services page for more information or contact us at to discuss how we can make your next measurement campaign a total success.


Leosphere is a leading specialist in the development of Lidar technology for atmospheric observations. The company offers turnkey remote sensors that provide real-time tracking and measurement of particles, clouds, and wind. Leosphere’s products are used in various applications including wind energy, climatology, meteorology, and air quality. For more information, please visit

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