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Windcube® 100S/200S/400S Scanning Lidar

Map entire wind fields at ranges of 50 meters to 14 kilometers and perform lower boundary layer sensing with the Windcube 100S/200S/400S Scanning Lidar.

  • Windcube® 100S/200S/400S Scanning Lidar
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WINDCUBE® 200S Scanning Lidar


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WINDCUBE® 400S Scanning Lidar


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WINDCUBE® 100S Scanning Lidar


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Using the same core laser technology as Windcube® Vertical Profiler and Wind Iris Lidar, the Windcube 100S/200S/400S Scanning Lidar can be used for advanced applications in wind resource assessment (onshore and offshore), wind turbine power curve measurement, short term forecasting, and wind turbine wake assessment. Scan scenarios are fully user configurable and designed for maximum flexibility in both targeted research campaigns and long-term operational uses.

Windcube 100S/200S/400S Scanning Lidar provide an optimal balance between field deployment ease and measurement capability, with unmatched measurement range among portable Doppler Lidars and independently proven accuracy both in data retrieval and scanner pointing.

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