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Wind Iris Lidar

Assess power curves and detect turbine underperformance with the nacelle-mounted Wind Iris Lidar.

  • Wind Iris Lidar

Wind Iris


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Wind Iris is the first Lidar dedicated to turbine performance assessment and optimization, providing accurate and highly resolved wind measurements upwind of the turbine rotor. Based on the leading pulsed Lidar technology, Wind Iris is also the first field proven turbine-mounted Lidar dedicated to power performance assessment and optimization.

Measuring horizontal wind speed and direction at distances of 80 to 400 meters upwind of the wind turbine, Wind Iris has been specifically designed for multiple installations, making it possible to quickly assess and optimize several wind turbines sequentially with one Lidar system.

Flexible rental and purchasing options are available—please contact us at or +1 802-482-2255 x4 for further details.

Power Performance Optimization

For existing wind farms, our solution is focused on power performance optimization. Wind Iris measures the horizontal wind speed and direction at hub height ahead of the turbine and generates accurate data to value wind turbine performance. This diagnosis tool allows you to rapidly optimize several wind turbines by detecting and correcting under-performances, leading to a quick return on investment on a wind farm scale.

Yaw Error Correction
  • Calibration of nacelle wind direction - Direct measure of the turbine yaw error, in a few days. 10-15° yaw error = 3 – 7% power loss.
  • Calibration of nacelle anemometer - Measure site specific flow correction factors.
Power Curve Measurements
  • Operational power curve - Measure a power curve before and after a change of parameters and evaluate the improvement.
Wind Sector Management
  • Optimize wind sector management - 360° analysis of turbulence intensity. Maximize energy capture and decrease loads.
  • 400 meter range with the proven accuracy of a class 1 anemometer
  • Highly reliable design with no moving parts
  • Half day installation on any turbine
  • Flexible Lidar modes for every site requirement
  • Reduced power curve uncertainties without a met mast

"We used the Wind Iris to determine whether there was yaw misalignment of one of our utility-scale wind turbines. By detecting and accurately quantifying the yaw misalignment, we were able to correct the error and gain significant AEP improvement. Based on this evaluation, First Wind decided to purchase a Wind Iris so we can optimize more turbines in our fleet."

Cegeon Chan Wind Resource Manager, First Wind

Please call us at +1 802-482-2255 for specifications.