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Spidar Vertical Profiler

Discontinued product. See below for details.

  • Spidar Vertical Profiler

NOTE: The Spidar Vertical Profiler has been discontinued as of August, 2021. The next generation of Direct Detect Lidar from NRG Systems will be available in 2022. We encourage you to consider the ZX 300 Wind Lidar for your remote sensing campaign needs. Please see this end-of-life announcement for more details or contact us directly with questions.

Direct Detect Lidar
Direct Detect Lidar technology provides bankable wind measurements data ideal for wind resource assessment, wind farm operations, forecasting, research, and meteorological applications. Its unique measurement principle offers lower cost and a smaller cone angle than other wind Lidars. Spidar is used most often for early-stage prospecting and wind shear validation studies within the wind energy industry, and over 150 have been delivered to dozens of customers around the world.

Spidar Verification
Spidar was independently verified by several leading wind energy consultants. This includes eight separate tests by DNV GL, who consider it a Stage 2 remote sensing device, capable of adding value to wind farm developments with project finance requirements. If you are interested in reviewing their Spidar position statement, please click on the following link:

Spidar DNV GL Report

Spidar Service and Support
NRG stands firmly behind our many customers continuing to use Spidars around the world on critical measurement campaigns. Complete Spidar service and support capabilities at our global headquarters in Hinesburg, VT will be maintained indefinitely. As we transition to the next generation of Direct Detect Lidar upgrading to new hardware may be preferable to utilizing legacy Spidar components. NRG Technical Services is available to discuss your Spidar service needs.


Please call us at +1 802-482-2255 for specifications.