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Spidar Vertical Profiler

Spidar uses Pulsed Direct Detect Lidar technology to deliver precise, bankable wind measurement data at a significantly lower cost than Doppler Lidar.

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The Spidar Vertical Profiler is a DNV GL Stage 2 remote sensing wind measurement device that uses Pulsed Direct Detect Lidar technology to provide bankable wind measurement data at 10 vertical heights.

This low-cost remote sensor is ideal for wind resource assessment, wind farm operations, forecasting, research, and meteorological applications. Spidar has the smallest cone angle of any remote sensor in the wind industry, so it can be sited closer to potential obstacles such as buildings or trees. It is also compact and highly portable. This allows Spidar to measure in locations where meteorological towers are not viable due to terrain complexity or permitting constraints.

Spidar is a complete remote sensing solution backed by NRG’s global partner network, technical support, remote power supplies and integrated services for seamless installation and operation. To date, over 150 Spidar Vertical Profilers have been delivered to dozens of wind energy and meteorology customers around the world.


Each Spidar is individually validated against a reference Spidar to confirm it performs to specification. The reference Spidar is routinely calibrated by a third party in compliance with IEC 61400-12-1 (Ed. 2, Annex L) using MEASNET-calibrated class one anemometers.

Spidar Factory Verification Example

Spidar has been independently verified by several leading wind energy consultants. This includes eight separate tests by DNV GL, who consider it a Stage 2 remote sensing device, capable of adding value to wind farm developments with project finance requirements. If you are interested in reviewing their Spidar position statement, please click on the following link:

Spidar DNV GL Report

  • Complete remote sensing solution is backed by NRG’s global partner network, technical support, and integrated services
  • Turnkey installations, including remote power supplies
  • Verified DNV GL Stage 2
  • Highly mobile
  • Flexible configurations with accessories to meet project-specific needs
  • Favorable pricepoint when compared to Doppler Lidar

"Spidar’s low cost, robustness, and adaptability to complicated weather and terrain helped pave its way into the Chinese wind power industry, where it has earned an impressive track record with over 200 successful deployments to date. Spidar has continuously contributed to the success of wind farms at all stages of the project life cycle in China, including early-phase wind resource assessment, micro-siting, power curve measurement, and operational troubleshooting. This technology has helped bring added value for wind farm developers, turbine vendors, and wind farm owners."

Andrew Zhao Primanex


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