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NOW System Sensor + Wire Replacement Kits

NRG replacement kits make it easy to outfit existing met masts that are in good condition.

  • NOW System Sensor + Wire Replacement Kits

Configuration Options

Whether you are planning routine site maintenance or moving a previously installed tower* to start anew, our tower retrofit kits include everything you need to ensure a high quality measurement campaign.

Each kit includes the standard configuration used on our 60m XHD NOW System:

  • 6 anemometers
  • 2 wind vanes
  • 1 temperature sensor
  • Corresponding sensor cables 

We offer a variety of options depending on your choice of anemometer:




6 #40C (IEC)


6 NRG Class 1 (MEASNET)


6 NRG Class 1 (IEC)


3 #40C (IEC) and 3 NRG Class 1 (MEASNET)


3 #40C (IEC) and 3 NRG Class 1 (IEC)

By purchasing a retrofit kit, you will save 5% on the list price of the items included. If you are unsure about which sensor configuration to use, or if you do not see your desired configuration in the list above, please contact us.

Please call us at +1 802-482-2255 for specifications.