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34m XHD NOW System

The 34m NOW System is ideal for smaller scale or remote distributed wind energy projects where the installation of taller towers may not be possible.

  • 34m XHD NOW System

Configuration Options

Significantly more cost-effective than purchasing components individually, this system offers a fully integrated, easy-to-install approach to wind resource assessment.

Components of a NOW System

The NOW System features the 34m TallTower™, built strong for durability and safety.

Data Logger

All NRG NOW Systems are available with our SymphoniePRO® Data Logger. SymphoniePRO does more than just record accurate meteorological data—the logger also makes it easy for you to access and use this information from anywhere in the world. See our Data Loggers page or consult your salesperson to learn how SymphoniePRO can enhance your campaign.


Our sensors are precise and proven for wind resource assessment. This NOW System is configured for three levels of wind measurement with your choice of sensors:


Our side mount booms are constructed of durable galvanized steel. These booms are designed to minimize tower shadowing effects.

  • Perfect for educational initiatives and community wind projects
  • Suited for application on commercial sites during the prospecting phase or to validate measurements between taller towers
  • Easily installed and portable: does not require a professional installation crew and heavy-duty equipment
  • Strong steel tube construction
  • Compact Envirocrate™ packaging

Note: We can customize this NOW System to meet your needs. Contact us for details.

34m NOW System | No Paint, Anchors, 40C – [#4258-9298-4259]

  • One (1) 34m (111’5”) TallTower | No Paint, Anchors
  • One (1) SymphoniePRO® Data Logger | 16-Channel
  • One (1) Symphonie Shelter Box | FRP, 16x14, Tubular
  • Three (3) 40C Anemometers | MEASNET Calibrated
  • One (1) 200M Wind Direction Vane
  • One (1) T60 Temperature Sensor | 4.6m Cable
  • Four (4) Mounting Boom | 1.53 m (60.5”)
  • Three (3) 2C shielded sensor cables (two 34 m, one 20 m)
  • One (1) 3C shielded sensor cable (one 34 m)
  • (1) Grounding kit: two 2.1 m (7’2”) ground rods and one 2.74 m (9’) lightning spike
  • (17) Yellow guy guards/markers, 2.44 m (8’)
  • SymphoniePRO Desktop Application software: free download
  • SD card and iPackGPS sold separately

Please call us at +1 802-482-2255 for specifications.

Cable Ball Set

Cable Ball Set

Improve the visibility of your met tower with durable cable balls.

Winch | 34m Towers

Winch | 34m Towers

Reliably install 34m TallTowers™ with this compact electric winch.

Grounding Kit

Grounding Kit

Protect your sensors and loggers from electrostatic discharge with a purpose-built grounding kit.

Guy Wire Guards

Guy Wire Guards

Mark and protect your TallTower™ guy wires with high visibility guards.