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Complete Met Systems

NRG pioneered the complete system approach to wind resource assessment (WRA) with the development of the NOW System.

With thousands of wind farms successfully financed using data gathered by NOW Systems, the NRG NOW System for WRA has been integral to the wind energy industry’s growth. By bundling the tower, sensors, and electronics efficiently in a complete system, the components are designed to work seamlessly together and arrive at your project site in a single, compact shipment. Our customers continue to enjoy the cost savings and simplicity of NOW Systems.

NRG applied these principles to the emerging solar resource assessment (SRA) and solar resource monitoring (SRM) markets when developing our SRA and SRM Systems. Building on close to four decades of experience making fully integrated meteorological measurement systems, the SRA and SRM Systems combine state-of-the-art solar irradiance sensors with our easy-to-use instruments and recently redesigned tower to deliver the same cost-saving advantages as the original NOW System for WRA.

Components of a NOW System

Each NOW System consists of three separate equipment kits, allowing you to customize your system by aligning your tower, data logger, and sensor arrangement with the needs of your specific project individually.