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Atmospheric Solutions

Atmospheric Solutions

Atmospheric Solutions

In 2016, NRG Systems extended its existing partnership with Leosphere—a global leader in Lidar technology—to bring atmospheric remote sensing solutions to North America's professional meteorology industry. Combining Leosphere’s revolutionary Lidar products with NRG Systems’ first-class meteorological expertise, the exciting new initiative is changing the way research, industrial, and corporate meteorological professionals visualize and resolve atmospheric risk.


In 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that an estimated 6.6 million tons of criteria pollutants were released into the atmosphere across the contiguous U.S. Windcube Lidar® provides the ability to retrieve boundary layer height and detect wind transport conditions and aerosol plumes simultaneously and in real-time, enabling the identification of the source, location, distance, altitude, and dispersion rates of potentially hazardous industrial emissions.


The Planetary Boundary Layer is in constant flux. Horizontal and vertical measurements of momentum, mass, and heat transfer properties are the foundation of sound atmospheric physics, accurate depiction of the lower atmosphere, and skillful predictive modeling. Windcube Lidar enables real-time, 3D detection capabilities for parameters including spatial wind variance, vertical velocity distribution, low-level jet maxima, surface heat flux, and mixing ratios—in micro, meso and macro-scale regimes.


Whether your mission is terminal, tower, or en route operations, the aviation industry is focused on safety, efficiency, and performance. The ability to detect potentially dangerous low-level wind hazards demands real-time, simultaneous wind reconstruction and notification capabilities. Windcube Lidar solutions enable hazard risk detection for terminal operations, and synergize seamlessly with complementary remote sensing technologies.


Windcube Lidar® can be used for a variety of applications within the Aerospace sector. This remarkably versatile technology – capable of everything from detecting airborne aerosol threats to ensuring safe space exploration – has the potential to play a crucial role in creating a more secure future here on Earth and beyond. 


Renowned academic, research, and government institutions choose Windcube Lidar for its global acceptance, proven scientific pedigree, and track record of performance excellence. These unrivaled remote sensing solutions are providing the basis for monumental advances in atmospheric research.

Interested in Lidar for meteorological applications outside of wind energy? Visit to see how Lidar atmospheric solutions can help your organization gain actionable intelligence when it comes to air quality, aviation, weather intelligence, research, and more.