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Mounting Boom | 1.93m (76"), Lattice, IF3

Mount IceFree3 Anemometers, IceFree3 Wind Vanes and RM Young 27106T Vertical Anemometers on third-party lattice towers.

  • Mounting Boom | 1.93m (76"), Lattice, IF3
  • Mounting Boom | 1.93m (76"), Lattice, IF3
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These heavy-duty mounting booms are designed specifically for mounting the NRG IceFree3 Heated Anemometer and NRG IceFree3 Heated Vane on third-party lattice towers in icing environments. It is also compatible with the RM Young 27106T Vertical Anemometer. Mounting plates and u-bolts attach the boom to any industry-standard lattice tower, and a vertical stub mast is included for mounting IceFree3 sensors right out-of-the box. This boom can be shipped via UPS.

  1.93m (76"), Lattice, IF3 (#9327)
Boom type Single sided heavy duty wind sensor boom
Applications Wind resource assessment:
  • Mounts one NRG IceFree3 sensor in icing environments
  • Mounts one RM Young Vertical Anemometer
Sensor compatibility
  • NRG IceFree3 Heated Anemometer
  • NRG IceFree3 Heated Wind Direction Vane
  • RM Young 27106T Vertical Anemometer
Tower compatibility Lattice Towers with face width bettween 285.75 mm (11.25") and 425.45mm (16.75")
Mounting Mounting plate attaches to tower with U-bolts, boom attaches to plate with U-bolts
Tools required Adjustable wrench or 1/2 inch and 11/16 inch wrenches or nut drivers
Lifespan 2 years +
Boom 3/4 IPS Schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe
U-bolts Galvanized steel
Universal mounting plate Galvanized steel