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Symphonie® iPackGPS | Iridium

Automate the transfer of measurement data from the project site to your desktop through the Iridium satellite network.

  Iridium (#4721)
Accessory type Internet-enabled data transfer communication device for Symphonie® series data loggers
Applications Iridium satellite system provides Symphonie series data loggers remote communication access anywhere in the world, even where no cellular service is available
Instrument compatibility Symphonie, SymphoniePLUS, and SymphoniePLUS3 Data Loggers
  • Automatically updates latitude, longitude, and altitude settings in the data logger
  • GPS position viewer
  • iPackGPS status and event reporting
  • Iridium signal confirmation indicator
  • Ability to install firmware updates to iPackGPS remotely
  • Automatic download of logged data via email
  • Automatic real-time clock setting from internet time server
  • Remote parameter updates of Symphonie series loggers and iPackGPS
  • Ability to disconnect a call in progress
  • Event log viewer
  • Includes rechargeable battery and PV charge controller for the data logger
Data Collection  
Software Symphonie Data Retriever (SDR) for setup
Data delivery
  • Data delivery via internet email, including:
        • Copy of .RWD files
        • iPackGPS status and event logs
        • Configuration changes uploaded via email
  • iPackGPS Event Log is added to .RWD files and can be viewed in SDR
User interface
  • Improved status reporting on data logger front panel
  • Configuration via SDR on Windows PC
Configurable parameters
  • WindLinx™ ready
  • Call interval range: 10 minutes - 14 days
  • Optional 10-minute call setting for customers who wish to have their data emailed more frequently (allows for 10-minute data resolution)
  • Internet Service Provider settings
  • Optional 'No Partial Files' setting
  • Optional 'Disable POP3' setting
  • Up to three (3) email addresses
Power requirements  
Batteries Two (2) built-in 12 V Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) batteries with 2200 mA-hr rating
External solar input 12V (nominal) solar PV panel or external power supply (15 - 24 V)
Other External battery (12 - 14 V)
  • iPackGPS stacks with Symphonie data logger on long logger mounting screws (included)
  • Satellite antenna mounts on included side-mount boom
  • An optional 15W solar PV panel (sold separately) mounts to your tubular tower with supplied hose clamps
Tools required 8 mm (5/16 inch) wrench or nut driver for mounting screws
Accessories Antenna and antenna mounting boom included
  • Data connection to iPack connector on rear of data logger
  • Two (2) screw terminals for solar PV panel or external power supply input
  • Two (2) screw terminals for external battery
  • One (1) screw terminal for earth ground pre-wired for connection to data logger earth ground stud
  • Combination Iridium and GPS antenna connector SMA female
  • Programming port connection via data logger programming adapter
Weight 3.2 kg (7 pounds)
Dimensions 165 x 222 x 102 mm ( 6.5 x 8.75 x 4.0 inches)
  • Weather-proof polycarbonate plastic
  • IP65 Rated
System requirements  
Computer Windows PC with Symphonie Data Retriever (SDR) required for programming of iPackGPS settings
Operating system Symphonie Data Retriever (SDR) requires Windows 95 or higher
Related hardware
  • iPack Programming Kit (Item 3368)
  • Universal iPack Charger (Item 3615)

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