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This product has been discontinued.

Symphonie® iPackGPS | Iridium

Automate the transfer of measurement data from the project site to your desktop through the Iridium satellite network.

  • Symphonie® iPackGPS | Iridium

Symphonie iPackGPS (Iridium) is an internet-enabled communications and autonomous power module for Symphonie series data loggers (models SymphoniePLUS3 and older). Utilizing a satellite modem that connects SymphoniePLUS®3 Data Logger to the Iridium satellite network, iPackGPS delivers collected data to your desktop anywhere in the world.

Why Iridium?

The Iridium satellite service was carefully selected by NRG for its comprehensive and reliable reach. The Iridium network covers the entire planet, including the poles and oceans.

Data Logger Connection

iPackGPS attaches to a port located on the back of the SymphoniePLUS3. The iPackGPS and the data logger are then secured to a Symphonie shelter box using four screws.

Power Supply

iPackGPS (Iridium) contains two rechargeable 12V sealed lead-acid batteries and a recharging circuit. The recharging circuit is designed for use with an external 15W PV panel, which connects to terminals on the side of the iPackGPS. Terminals for an external power system are also available. This configuration keeps the internal batteries continuously charged—ensuring reliable data logging and transfer operations.

Accounts and Programming

iPackGPS (Iridium) comes bundled with 400 minutes of satellite airtime and access to a dedicated email service, WindLinx (account activation form included). WindLinx is a worldwide service that streamlines account setup and the overall management of data transfer from multiple sites. Once an account is created, the satellite transceiver inside the Symphonie iPackGPS can be activated and configured with supplied settings.

  • Automated GPS coordinate reporting
  • Variable call interval range: 10 minutes to 14 days
  • 10-minute data resolution: call interval of 10 minutes equals data for previous 10 minutes
  • Option to transfer data to any email address on the Internet in places where no cellular service is available
  • Iridium signal strength indicator
  • Access to the iPackGPS event log through the SymphoniePLUS3 Data Logger display
  • Ability to update the iPackGPS firmware remotely or by connecting directly to a computer
  • Ability to update the iPackGPS configuration remotely
  • WindLinx™ ready


  • One (1) Symphonie iPackGPS (Iridium)
  • One (1) satellite antenna (3/4-inch IPS mount)
  • One (1) antenna mounting boom
  • 400 minutes of Iridium airtime and access to WindLinx
  • PV sold separately - Symphonie PV Panel | 15W

Note: The iPack voltmeter SCM is now included in SymphoniePLUS3 data logger kits. SymphoniePRO includes built-in monitoring of the 12V power supply and does not require a separate interface module.

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