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Spidar Met Sensor

Measure ambient temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and precipitation collocated with your vertical wind profile with the Spidar Met Sensor, included with each Spidar.

  • Spidar Met Sensor
  • Spidar Met Sensor
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Configuration Options

The Spidar Met Sensor measures temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and precipitation. Statistical averages of each parameter are included in Spidar measurement files.

A met sensor is included standard with each Spidar Vertical Profiler and is securely mounted on one of the Lidar’s legs. The Spidar Met Sensor is a mandatory component of the broader system.

The precipitation sensor provides a indication of the presence and intensity of precipitation for each statistical period within a Spidar measurement file, scaled from 0 (none present) to 1 (intense precipitation).



Operating Ranges



-40 to 80°C

± 0.4°C (25°C)

Relative Humidity

-40 to 80°C

0 to 100% RH

± 3% RH (20 to 80% RH)

Barometric Pressure

0 to 65°C

300 to 1,100 hPa

± 4 hPa

Please call us at +1 802-482-2255 for specifications.

Customer Service

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