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Spidar Controller

Enable remote access to your Spidar Vertical Profiler and easy integration with remote power supplies with the Spidar Controller, included with each Spidar Vertical Profiler.

  • Spidar Controller

Configuration Options

The Spidar Controller is a critical piece of the complete Spidar measurement system. The controller plays a key role during Spidar installation and is secured onsite to enable remote system monitoring for the duration of each campaign.

The Spidar Controller enables the following Spidar functions:

  • User interface during installation and maintenance
  • Easy connection to AC and DC power sources
  • Remote system access
  • Remote data delivery
  Cellular (#14081)
Instrument type Spidar Vertical Profiler remote communications and power supply integration module.
  • Wind resource assessment
  • Power forecasting
  • Wind farm operational measurements
  • Fenceline emissions monitoring
  • Meteorology and research
Instrument compatibility Included with each Spidar Vertical Profiler. Not compatible with other remote sensing devices.
Functions Enables:
  • Remote access to Spidar for configuration changes and system status updates
  • Simplified Spidar integration with remote power supplies
Data Collection  
Maximum data storage 8 GB internal storage (about 1 yr of Spidar data)
Data delivery
  • Uses Sierra Wireless MC7455 module
  • Networks: 4G LTE (priority), 3G, 2G
  • Configurable delivery intervals (e.g. daily, weekly)
Type Software installed on embedded PC:
  • Spidar Admin Tool
  • FileZilla
  • Teamviewer
  • Firefox
  • Foxterm
  • Skylight
  • FUSE.exe
Capabilities Software applications installed on the embedded PC perform a variety of critical functions, including system configuration (FileZilla) and automatic data upload (FUSE.exe).

See Spidar Manual for details.
User interface Remote Desktop Connections established via Wi-Fi or directly via an Ethernet port.

Wi-Fi Details:
  • Band: 2.4 / 5GHz
  • Security: WEP, WPA, 802.1x

    See Spidar Manual for details.
Configurable parameters
  • Range gate number and measurement heights
  • Statisitical averaging interval (5 minute minimum strongly recommended)
  • Customer, site and location names
  • Wind direction offset
Communication ports
  • (4) USB ports
  • (2) RS-232/422/485 ports

    LAN Connections:
  • (2) Isolated 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports
  • (1) PoE PD compliant with IEEE 802.3at
Power requirements  
External power input
  • AC (grid): 120 - 230 VAC (50/60 Hz)
  • Genset: 24-28 VDC
External solar input PV: 24 VDC (60 VOC)
External power output Voltage supplied to Spidar: 23.8 - 28 VDC
Mounting Options:
  • Placed on ground or buried alongside Spidar
  • 4-8" diameter tower using hose clamps
  • 0.25" slots support wall mounting (e.g. inside a PV trailer)
Tools required Installing SIM card (if required; perform in office environment before field visit):
  • Small electronics flat head and Philips screwdrivers (preferably with a magnetic tip)
  • ESD ground strap
Weight 25 lbs (11.3 kg)
Dimensions 18" x 18" x 9" (46cm x 46cm x 23cm)
Enclosure Pelican 1520 Protector Case

Customer Service

+1 802-482-2255

Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 5:00pm Eastern Time (GMT-5)