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Winch with HPU | 12,000 lb., 80m XHD TallTower™

This heavy-duty winch is rated to install the NRG 80m XHD TallTower™.

  • Winch with HPU | 12,000 lb., 80m XHD TallTower™
  • 80m winch secondary C
  • 80m winch secondary
  • 80m winch secondary B
  • Winch with HPU | 12,000 lb., 80m XHD TallTower™
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Configuration Options

Equipped with a dependable worm gear drive, this rugged hydraulic winch provides reliable power for complete confidence whether you are raising or lowering your 80m XHD TallTower.

The system includes a powerful Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) that utilizes a reliable 13 HP Honda gasoline engine.

A custom-built mounting bracket ensures the winch is compatible with any vehicle with a 2”x2” receiver bar, making the system easier to transport and anchor during winching operations. Our 80m-rated winch comes pre-loaded with wire rope so you can focus on your TallTower and instrumentation once you reach the site.

Please see our or contact our sales team at for more information on this winch. HPU specifications are also available upon request.

This winch is the recommended choice for professional installation of the 80m XHD TallTower.

  • Robust construction
  • Includes Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
  • Spring-applied, hydraulic-release, fail-safe brake and counter-balance valve provide static and dynamic braking
  • Comes loaded with 228.6 m (750') of ⅜” 7x19 wire rope
  • SAE J706 Certified
  • Heavy-duty, oil-immersed worm gear drive for optimum reliability and long life
  • Rugged, field proven, high-torque motor unit
  • Heavy-duty fabricated steel drum assembly, mounted on maintenance-free plain bearings

Please call us at +1 802-482-2255 for specifications.