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This product has been discontinued.

Winch with HPU | 60m XHD Towers

Reliably install 50m XHD and 60m XHD TallTowers™ with this hydraulic winch.

  • Winch with HPU | 60m XHD Towers

This rugged, professional grade winch is the recommended choice for installing the 50m XHD TallTower™ and 60m XHD TallTower™. Its dependable worm drive provides reliable power during winching operations.

The kit includes a powerful but lightweight Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) that utilizes a Honda OHV gasoline engine with integrated hydraulic fluid cooling radiator.

  • Compact size and robust construction
  • Heavy-duty, oil-immersed worm drive for optimum reliability and long life
  • HPU integrated radiator for hydraulic fluid cooling and smooth operation during long lifts
  • Irreversible Worm Set for solid braking and holding
  • Field-proven, high-torque motor unit
  • Manual release handle for rapid cable payout
  • Heavy-duty fabricated steel drum assembly mounted on maintenance-free plain bearings
  • Hydraulic “Velocity Fuse” feature shuts off hydraulic fluid movement and instantly brakes and holds winch operations in the event of a hydraulic line failure or loss of pressure

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