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Mounting Plate | Pyranometer, Gen I

Secure a wide variety of industry-standard pyranometers to our tubular solar mounting booms using this simple yet effective mounting plate.

  • Mounting Plate | Pyranometer, Gen I

Configuration Options

Borrowed from our original plane-of-array boom but with an updated mounting design, this mounting plate from NRG makes it easy to install your chosen pyranometer on our tubular solar mounting boom any way you like, be it horizontal or plane-of-array.

Compatible sensor models include the original Hukseflux sensor body models (e.g., SR20, SR11, LP02, etc.), all CMP and SMP models from Kipp & Zonen, the Delta-T SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer, Li-Cor photodiode sensors, as well as EKO pyranometer models.

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