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Mounting Platform | 2xGHI for 2.2m Tower

Mount your pyranometers on one of our GHI Mounting Booms to orient the sensor to collect Global Horizontal Irradiance data.

  • Mounting Platform | 2xGHI for 2.2m Tower

Configuration Options

This mounting platform is included in each SRA NOW System, and it is designed to accept up to two of any industry standard pyranometers for redundancy in the system’s most critical measurement – global horizontal irradiance. The platform provides a rigid surface, ensuring both pyranometers remain level throughout the measurement campaign.

This kit includes mounting hardware for quick and direct attachment to the NRG 2.2m Tower.

  2xGHI for 2.2m Tower (#9104)
Boom type Mounting boom for thermopile and photodiode pyranometers, 2 sensor capacity
Applications Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) measurments:
  • Solar Resource Assessment
  • Solar Monitoring
Sensor compatibility
  • Hukseflux LP02, SR11, SR12, and SR20
  • Kipp & Zonen CMP3 and CMP11
  • Li-Cor LI-200SZ and LI-200R
  • Delta-T SPN1 Sunshine Duration Pyranometer
Tower compatibility NRG Solar Resource Assessment Tower
Mounting Attached to top of tower, secured by bolt that feeds through pre-drilled holes in tower tube.
Tools required
  • 7/16" wrench
  • See Sensors for other specific installation tools
Lifespan 2 years +
Offset height None.
Boom Galvanized steel plate