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Mounting Boom | .52M (20.5"), Pyranometer, Plane of Array

Mount your pyranometers and achieve any orientation easily and securely.

  • Mounting Boom | .52M (20.5"), Pyranometer, Plane of Array

Configuration Options

With this mounting boom, the attached pyranometer can be manually adjusted to any angle desired—including horizontal (for global horizontal irradiance measurements) or the prospective PV panel array angle (for plane-of-array measurements). The boom’s sensor mounting plate is compatible with most industry standard pyranometers, and it is recommended for mounting the:

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* Please note: Plane of Array (POA) mounting is an optional feature of NRG’s SRA System. It is not included in the SRA System’s default kit.

  Pyranometer, Plane of Array (#6772)
Boom type Plane of array (POA) mount boom for thermopile and photodiode pyranometers
Applications Solar resource assessment, horizontal or tilted plane of array, single sensor mounting
Sensor compatibility
  • Hukseflux LP02, SR11, SR12, and SR20
  • Kipp & Zonen CMP3 and CMP11
  • Li-Cor LI-200SZ and LI-200R
  • Delta-T SPN1 Sunshine Duration Pyranometer
Tower compatibility All NRG Tall Towers
Mounting Boom-to-tower clamps using supplied hose clamps, sensor-to-boom using appropriate sensor mounting hardware
Tools required
  • 9/16 inch wrench for boom brackets
  • Flatblade screwdriver or 5/16 inch driver for hose clamps
  • 1/8 inch hex key for boom angle adjustment
  • See Sensors for specific installation tools
Accessories 1/8 inch hex key included
Recommended for installation
  • Electric drill to tighten hoseclamps
  • Shears to trim hose clamp
Weight 2.0 kg (4.40 pounds)
Boom diameter 13 mm (0.5 inches)
Offset distance 533 mm (21 inches)
Offset height 133 mm (5.25 inches)
Boom Galvanized steel tube, aluminum adjustment collar