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Winch with HPU | 60m XHD Towers

Reliably install 50m XHD and 60m XHD TallTowers™ with this hydraulic winch.

  • Winch with HPU | 60m XHD Towers

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This rugged, professional grade winch is the recommended choice for installing the 50m XHD TallTower™ and 60m XHD TallTower™. Its dependable worm drive provides reliable power during winching operations.

The kit includes a powerful but lightweight Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) that utilizes a Honda OHV gasoline engine with integrated hydraulic fluid cooling radiator.

  • Compact size and robust construction
  • Heavy-duty, oil-immersed worm drive for optimum reliability and long life
  • HPU integrated radiator for hydraulic fluid cooling and smooth operation during long lifts
  • Irreversible Worm Set for solid braking and holding
  • Field-proven, high-torque motor unit
  • Manual release handle for rapid cable payout
  • Heavy-duty fabricated steel drum assembly mounted on maintenance-free plain bearings
  • Hydraulic “Velocity Fuse” feature shuts off hydraulic fluid movement and instantly brakes and holds winch operations in the event of a hydraulic line failure or loss of pressure
  7000 lb. - 50m XHD, 60m XHD Towers (#4254)
Applications Raising and lowering NRG TallTowers
Duty cycle Intermittent duty
Tower compatibility All TallTowers up to and including 60m XHD
Power requirements  
Fuel 5 HP Gasoline powered hydraulic power unit. Fuel Capacity - 3.6L (0.95 US gal , 0.79 Imp gal)
Tools required 3/8 inch Allen wrench, (2) 11/16 x 3/4 inch open end wrenches (included)
  • Winch: 67.5 kg (149 lbs)
  • Hydraulic Power Unit: 37.6 kg (83 lbs)
Rated capacity This winch is rated for NRG 60m XHD TallTowers or smaller.NOTE: This winch is based on a 4082 kg (9000 lbs) design but has been modified by NRG Systems for the sole purpose of raising and lowering NRG TallTowers. This winch MUST NOT be used for applications other than raising or lowering NRG TallTowers
Line speed 2 m/min (6.5 ft/min), first wrap on drum
Braking action Worm drive, hydraulic power unit
Wire rope breaking strength 3175 kg (7000 lbs). This is a safety factor of 2:1 minimum during worst case lift with 60m XHD tower down 10° and winch anchors down 10° from elevation of tower pivot pin.
Anchor connection Eye in the winch baseplate for a 5/8 inch shackle (included). See manual.
  • 12 foot remote hand controller on HPU operates an electric solenoid control valve powered directly from the engine.
  • Variable engine throttle for wider speed and power ranges
  • Freespool feature allows the wire rope to be pulled out from winch drum without using hydraulic power
System protection Hydraulic fluid cooler and filter on HPU
Wire rope 6.35mm (1/4 inches) 7 x 19 galvanized aircraft cable
Wire rope length 300 ft with 1/4" thimble
Winch control bar 25mm (1 inch) Schedule 80 pipe
Safety features  
Velocity fuse Completely shuts off hydraulic fluid movement and instantly brakes and holds winch operations in the event of a hydraulic line failure or loss of pressure
Freespool lever guard Prevents unintentional actuation of freespool mode