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Multimedia Card (MMC), 16MB

This 16MB Flash Multimedia Card is designed for use with Symphonie® Classic and SymphoniePLUS data loggers.

  • Multimedia Card (MMC), 16MB

Configuration Options

Non-volatile, industry standard Flash technology ensures that your valuable data cannot be accidentally erased, disrupted, or altered. Unlike volatile RAM cards, Flash MMCs do not require a battery to retain their data, and they are not susceptible to data loss or corruption due to static discharge.

A protective plastic case is provided to safely transport the MMC.

Note: This MMC card is not compatible with the SymphoniePLUS®3 Data Logger or SymphoniePRO® Data Logger.

  Multimedia Card (MMC), 16MB (#3157)
Accessory type Non-volatile FLASH data storage card
Instrument compatibility Symphonie and SymphoniePLUS Data Loggers; MultiMedia Card (MMC) Reader
Functions Stores up to 13 MB (668 days) of Symphonie or SymphoniePLUS data
Data Collection  
Storage medium Non-volatile FLASH (industry standard)
Maximum data storage
  • Unformatted capacity: 16 MB
  • Formatted capacity: 13 MB (668 days data storage)
Software Symphonie Data Retriever
Reader MultiMedia Card Reader
Connections Installs into Symphonie or SymphoniePLUS logger MMC slot
Dimensions 24 mm x 32 mm x 1.4 mm (0.94 inches x 1.25 inches x 0.055 inches)