Tech Support Newsletter: Spring 2015

April 16, 2015 | Newsletters

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The New RNRG Website + Tech Forum

We recently launched a new and improved website! We also upgraded our Technical Forum and placed it on a new platform.

When you have a moment, check out the new sites and let us know if you have any feedback.

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V.60 Firmware Available for iPackGPS

A new firmware version has been released for all iPackGPS units.

The firmware improves functionality and adds a new port configuration feature and additional diagnostic information on the logger screen.

iPackGPS units with version 60 firmware can be programmed to operate on any SMTP or POP3 port (the iPack will still try SMTP port 587 and POP3 110 as a failsafe if the selected ports don't work). This selection is made in the iPackGPS/ACC tab in the iPack's *.ipk file:

Modify iPack Settings

Please note that the iPackGPS cannot negotiate SSL enabled servers. This means using Gmail, Yahoo, and other popular email servers for the iPackGPS to send and receive emails will not work.

When making a call with an iPackGPS unit, additional information such as cellular band and carrier can be viewed by pressing the number keys on the logger. Here are the options:

  • IP address, press [1]
  • DNS1, press [2]
  • DNS2, press [3]
  • Cellular Band, press [7]
  • Cellular Carrier, press [8]

This feature is helpful when troubleshooting network issues.

* We recommend upgrading this firmware manually (not remotely). If the SMTP or POP3 port numbers were entered incorrectly in the *.ipk file for the version 57 firmware, it may cause connection issues when upgrading to version 60.

Instructions for upgrading iPackGPS units »

Tech Services’ 2015 Training Dates

We regularly offer comprehensive training on our met towers, data loggers, sensors, and software.

Designed for installers, project managers, developers, and consultants, our training programs offer a hands-on opportunity to learn how to install our products safely and use them in ways that optimize the success of your measurement campaigns. These formal demonstration sessions are designed to complement the detailed product manuals available on our website.

We conduct most training sessions at our offices in Hinesburg, Vermont (U.S.). Customized training at other locations is available on request.

Please contact us to confirm availability. For planning purposes, we require participants to register at least two weeks prior to the training program date.

2015 Dates

  • May 12-13
  • June 9-10
  • July 14-15
  • August 11-12
  • September 8-9
  • October 6-7

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Time for Site Maintenance: Tower + WINDCUBE®

Spring is a good time to visit your sites and make sure everything is installed and running properly.

Tower and Logger Checklist »

WINDCUBE Checklist »


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