NRG Newsletter: Fall 2017

January 2, 2018 | Newsletters

BGAN Satellite Communication for Windcube Vertical Profiler

Accessing measurement data from your Windcube Vertical Profiler just got easier. NRG Systems now offers a Windcube Communications | BGAN M2M Satellite kit that connects your Windcube to the internet through Inmarsat’s global satellite network and delivers measurement data to your desktop. This product enables remote data delivery at sites without traditional cellular coverage, putting your Windcube data right at your fingertips, no matter where you are in the world. Read More »  

Release Announcement: SymphoniePRO Desktop Application V.3.1

We are excited to share the latest version of our Desktop Application for the SymphoniePRO Data Logger. This release, version 3.1, introduces exciting new functionality as well as performance improvements. Highlights include support for upcoming products, fleet view export, an expanded export configuration fuctionality, and much more. Read More »

Introducing NRG's All-Weather PVH Kit

NRG Systems is proud to announce that its solar product line now includes the All-Weather Pyranometer Ventilation and Heating (PVH) Kit. This exciting new solution serves as an add-on to our Solar Resource Assessment (SRA) System and allows users to achieve accurate and reliable solar radiation measurements by preventing the formation of dew and frost on the dome of the pyranometer and facilitating the quick evaporation and sublimation of water and snow. Read More »

NRG Systems and Lasser Eólica Partner to Offer Lattice Tower Solutions in Europe, North Africa and Middle East

NRG Systems announced earlier this month that Lasser Eólica has joined its global network of service partners and dealers. Based in Spain, Lasser Eólica engineers, installs, and maintains met tower systems across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Thanks to this partnership, NRG is now able to offer complete lattice tower solutions to customers in regions where this method of wind resource assessment is preferred. Read More »

NRG Stories: Energy3 Develops Innovative Remote Power Solutions for Windcube Lidar

In 2009, NRG Systems partnered with Energy3 to deploy a Windcube Lidar in New Zealand. While NRG provided the Windcube, Energy3, which is based in New Zealand, was tasked with creating a custom remote power supply for the project. Following the success of this endeavor, Energy3 continued to refine their remote power supply offerings, ultimately making them more efficient and user-friendly. Read More »

NRG Connects with Customers in China

This August, Technical Support Specialist Natalie Babij traveled to China to meet with a number of NRG Systems’ valued customers. During her stay, Natalie conducted technical trainings, observed field installations, and even snuck in a hike along the awe-inspiring Great Wall of China. We sat down with Natalie to talk about her travels as well as the current state of China's renewable energy industry and where it’s headed. Read More »

SRA System from NRG Helps Bring Clean Water and Power to Base Camp in the Andes

Camp Confluencia in Argentina is one of the most frequented base camps on the trail up Aconagua – the highest peak in South America. Located 3,400 meters above sea level in the Andes mountain range, Confluencia is the only camp along the route to offer services, including ranger and medical care, to climbers. Earlier this year, Camp Confluencia introduced a number of new amenities to make the arduous trek a little more comfortable for travelers. Read More »