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We have decided to take the guesswork out of Windcube verification and now offer validation testing of customer units against our reference Lidar at any time. The testing can serve as an addition or alternative to on-site validation against a mast.

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In the course of conversations with wind developers new to Lidar technology, a number of questions seem to come up regularly. Two very practical questions have to do with how WINDCUBE Lidars might affect overall wind resource assessment campaign duration and also whether frequent relocations of the device are warranted.

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sea technology magazine

In recent years, floating Lidar buoys that profile vertically have gained significant traction as low-cost and quick-to-deploy alternatives to conventional offshore met towers.

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Despite the maturation and widespread use of Lidars in the wind energy industry, we continue to hear common misconceptions related to the technology. This list contains the 10 most common myths about wind Lidar and the true story behind them.

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