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innovation lightbulbs

Improving existing products is like walking a tightrope. On one side, we need to continually add value to the products we create to make them more attractive to some customers. On the other side, we must ensure that the changes we make will not create issues for existing customers. This creates a constant tension between innovating to improve performance and maintaining product continuity.

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I am excited to say that RNRG was recently invited to speak on a panel at the AWEA Wind Project Siting & Environmental Compliance Conference. The panel focused on how technology can be used to minimize the wildlife impacts of wind energy and explored what it takes to develop game-changing technologies and get them to market.

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allete energy hybrid xt turbine control sensor

RNRG’s product development team is always looking for ways to make customers’ lives easier. Our favorite type of design challenge is when we we get to collaborate directly with customers to solve an immediate issue.

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You know that the profitability of your wind farm depends on the performance of each turbine. Minor errors in yaw misalignment, blade pitch, and tip-speed ratio can affect power output and overall energy production. But how do you know when these issues are lurking on your project site?

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While most owners and operators consider a condition monitoring system’s initial price tag, many do not realize that the annual analysis costs can also be significant.

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