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As the PTC winds down and federal returns continue to shrink, the sooner you repower your turbine fleet, the better.

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Held in downtown Burlington, Vermont, UX Burlington is a one-day conference devoted to bringing together professionals from a wide range of industries, including civic design, agriculture, and renewable energy, to discuss a single unifying goal – building a greater user experience.

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5966 class1 product

In certain circumstances proper tower grounding may not be enough to fully protect your instruments and sensors, so NRG has consistently focused on building features into our products that increase their resilience in ESD challenging environments.

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RNRG Training 19 1

This May, NRG Systems launched its NRGConnected campaign at AWEA WINDPOWER in Chicago. Our goal was to celebrate the valuable relationships we share with our customers and to highlight the NRG products that help users connect to their wind and solar projects.

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NREF is the main platform for discussing all aspects of Mongolia’s renewable energy industry, including its challenges, achievements, and future developments.

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