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Viewing Posts from August, 2015

welly video

Welly Cobden has worked at RNRG for more than 17 years, so he knows a lot about RNRG products. Especially Lidar. Whether you need a Lidar installed onsite or a simple question answered, he’s your point person.

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harness team

After working with RNRG for more than eight years, Harness Energy knows our products inside and out. Based in Denver, Colorado (U.S.), Harness provides meteorological measurement field services to renewable energy developers and operators across the U.S. and internationally.

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60m video3

With our short summers here in Vermont, we're superstitious about uttering the "w" word in August. But the truth is that it was winter here not long ago. If you're craving some snowy scenes (or simply want to see cool drone footage), check out this video of our 60m XHD TallTower™ being lifted in the field at the RNRG headquarters.

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