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Viewing Posts from May, 2014


Despite the ups and downs that the wind industry has experienced in recent years, Renewable NRG Systems has worked hard to maintain a focus on employee wellness—something that we believe is core to our success as a company.

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Renewable NRG Systems tilt-up towers are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, from ice storms, to marine climates, to extreme heat. With proper maintenance, they will stand for many years. Still, they need occasional TLC to sustain top performance.

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Do you suspect that you have underperforming wind turbines? Are you familiar with the causes and consequences of yaw misalignment?

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KB Energy, owned by Keith and Lois Broyles, is a North American-based company specializing in tilt-up meteorological tower services, including installations, decommissions, refits, and repairs. In total, we have installed over 1,700 towers, including a recently completed installation in Alaska. It was the most difficult—and the most satisfying—installation that we’ve ever done.

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